Shaker Heights Building Card Database


How Do I Get Started?

To see details about a property, enter the street name and number into the “Find” box at right. Click on the Parcel ID in the results to see property details. From the details page, download a pdf of the complete set of building cards. To view all addresses on a street, enter only the street name in the "Find" box. This database provides online access to historic records. At present, the database can be searched by street name, architect, original owner, builder, or other keyword. Check back frequently for increased search and display capabilities, as we continue to improve this database.


What Can I Learn About My Home?

The Building Cards contain the date the home was built; the names of the home’s architect, builder, and original owner; and the estimated cost to build the home, among other details. If the home's blueprints were captured on microfilm before the original plans were destroyed, the cards also contain a locator number (“Plan File Number”).The information in this database was entered from over 10,000 cards—one for each building in Shaker Heights. The original cards are stored at Shaker Heights City Hall in the Building Department. Additional details about your house may be located elsewhere—see the Shaker Heights Public Library’s guide Research Your Shaker Home for more information.


A Project of Shaker Heights Centennial 2012

 Shaker Heights celebrates 100 years of history in 2012 with public programming, a city-wide mobile history project, and a rich database of historic building cards, allowing citizen historians to learn more about their homes, neighborhoods, and heritage. View the Shaker Heights content on Cleveland Historical or visit to learn more.